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Crochet Abbreviations

Posted by Noha on May 16, 2011 at 5:38 AM


These abbreviations are used in patterns.


Instructions and Illustrations


beg -- begin/begins/beginning

bpdc -- back post double crochet

bpsc -- back post single crochet

bptr -- back post treble crochet

CC -- contrasting color

ch(s) -- chain(s)

ch-- - refers to chain or space previously made (i.e. ch-1 space)

ch sp(s) -- chain space(s)

cl(s) -- cluster(s)

cm -- centimeter(s)

dc -- double crochet (singular/plural)

dc dec -- double crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated

dec -- decrease/decreases/decreasing

dtr -- double treble crochet

ext -- extended

fpdc -- front post double crochet

fpsc -- front post single crochet

fptr -- front post treble crochet

g -- gram(s)

hdc -- half double crochet

hdc dec -- half double crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated

inc -- increase/increases/increasing

lp(s) -- loop(s)

MC -- main color

mm -- millimeter(s)

oz -- ounce(s)

pc -- popcorn(s)

rem -- remain/remains/remaining

rep(s) -- repeat(s)

rnd(s) -- round(s)

RS -- right side

sc -- single crochet (singular/plural)

sc dec -- single crochet 2 or more stitches together, as indicated

sk -- skip/skipped/skipping

sl st(s) -- slip stitch(es)

sp(s) -- space(s)/spaced

st(s) -- stitch(es)

tog -- together

tr -- treble crochet

trtr -- triple treble

WS -- wrong side

yd(s) -- yard(s)

yo -- yarn over

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